Learning “how” to think

Going back to school in my 30’s has made my realize many things that I might have never discovered. One important discovery is that when you attend school, be it grade school or college, you are not necessarily learning “what” to think but rather “how” to think.

Every so often, I will hear someone declare that going to college is all about buying a piece of paper that allows you to apply for a job with a certain skill set, but it is so much more than that. Sure, it’s true that an average college graduate can potentially make over a million dollars more than someone who never attended, but that is minuscule compared to what higher education can do for your thought process and your overall well being. Learning how to utilize good critical thinking skills is something that is not quite achieved in high school or in adolescence.

I believe that if you do not learn how to use your mind effectively to process your thoughts on a regular basis, your mind starts to atrophy, in a way that muscles would react in a person that is paralyzed, and effects many aspects of your life, whether it be continuously making bad choices or simply not having the capacity to better yourself or your situation.

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