Tis the Season for a Re-Design

As the holidays are upon us, I wanted to re-design my personal website. This time of the year brings me many gifts, one of which is more time to spend on personal projects, and of course my own website. I think I, like most developers, do not have time to put towards their own website because we spend so much time building and maintaining others’ websites. The holidays are one of those times where I have a moment to reflect and to also work on things I sometimes do not have time to work on.

You know you love what you do when you do it all day and then you come home to do it some more in your spare time. I love web design and development and I enjoy writing about it. I feel like if you can write about a particular subject you are more inclined to know or learn more about that subject. I think that knowledge, learning, and doing are the key concepts to becoming better at just about anything you strive to get better at.

This is just my starting point into diving deep into some interesting subjects so please, keep an eye out for some deep dives into all things web design and web development related. See ya soon!

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